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Want to get involved? We are always looking for parents who want to give as much time as they are able to work on the board and/or with our committees.
If you are interested please contact Belinda Keshen, Principal.  We want to hear from you!


Adult Education Committee

Plans & organizes the approximately 3 adult education programs held annually, usually on Sunday mornings during class time.


Class Parents Volunteers

Organizes class parent volunteers to create an engaged DJCS Community. Areas may include: social media, recruiting for “as required” events, holidays, etc.  Works in coordination with other committees, as volunteer needs arise.


Educational & Religious Policy Committee

Discusses specific school curricular issues.  May makes recommendations to the board, for its approval, on specific school programs as well as policy issues.


Fundraising Committee

Plans and implements the school’s Annual fundraising campaign. Oversees fundraising strategies for donors at all levels. Collaborates with Events Committee when events have a fundraising aspect to them.


Holiday Celebrations and Events Committee

Organizes & recruits volunteers to staff the DJCS Purim carnival booths & provides food & set up for seder plates for class Pesach model seders. The committee may also be called upon to help with other holiday or fundraising event celebrations, such as Chanukah parties, Israel Fairs, Chanukah candle, book or food sales, film showings, class photos, raffles, auctions.


Marketing & Recruitment Committee

Works in connection with other committees encourage recruitment, fundraising, and to publicize events.

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