What our students have to say

"I love Hebrew and Jewish Studies. I think my teacher this year is an awesome teacher and she is my favourite so far! I like being in this classroom a lot even though it's on zoom."

"Loved this first term with my teacher, I look forward to doing more with homeless and helping organizations next term!"

"I think the DJCS is doing a good job with converting everything online."

"The best part of DJCS is my teacher. Nothing would be boring, She made everything very interesting, even though it was over a computer. Most teachers can't do that."

"The enrichment options are so cool. I got to learn a little bit more about photography and I learned some helpful tips to use when I take photos in the future. I loved doing all the little projects."

"The enrichment option with Simon and Rebecca was great. They are very nice and they allowed everyone to have a turn. It is a very inclusive class! And they are very good at doing what the option enlisted. It was a great environment of laughing and having fun."

"I love making a new puppet every week. I like to craft so it was fun. The enrichment option was great"


"Dear DJCS, Happy 40th birthday! Thank you for teaching me and my classmates in grade 5. I hope my teacher next year is as good as mine this year. We learned so much about the Torah portion. I hope next year is just as good."

What our parents have to say

“Our son’s short two years at DJCS have been an increasingly important and enjoyable part of our family life.  He has gained confidence, not just in his sense of himself as a Jew, but in many other aspects of his life.  His growing familiarity with Jewish folklore is fantastic, and he speaks knowledgably about these wonderful and important old stories; and the confidence he is gaining through such events as the Purim Play, for which he fills the important roll of stage manager, are irreplaceable experiences.  His attendance at the school is for him and for us, his parents, the opportunity to make a deep connection with a Jewish community that we hardly knew existed previously in downtown Toronto.  Our son’s experience is bringing us all closer to our Jewish roots and our Jewish neighbours too.”

- Marc


“We have been parents at DJCS since 1999.  Both of our children have enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) their experiences there. My eleven-year old son actually doesn’t mind getting up on Sunday morning to attend his classes! Over the years we’ve had some truly wonderful teachers.  The school has always been responsive to the needs of modern Jewish families living in downtown Toronto, while maintaining a traditional grounding.  Furthermore, the DJCS strives to keep the curriculum dynamic by introducing new activities and incorporating new ideas. Since we’ve started at the school enhancements have included an arts activities selective and an extended high school option. DJCS is a warm and vibrant community that is an important Jewish hub in downtown Toronto.”

- Lori MD, FRCP(C)


“The best part of DJCS is the quality of the teachers.  It is not always easy to send young children to extra school on Sunday mornings (and, in the case of our family, on Wednesday evenings).  It takes a particularly engaging, imaginative and experienced teacher to transform a reluctant pupil into a receptive and enthusiastic one.  In our experience, the teachers at the DJCS together create a rich, artistic, varied and fun Jewish curriculum.  Our children demonstrate repeatedly – especially around the holidays – how much they have learned and how joyfully they integrate this knowledge into the various festivities and celebrations. Every week, our gratitude for DJCS is renewed.”

- Vivien


“DJCS has given us the opportunity to pass on a Jewish identity to our kids that we otherwise would not have been able to do. It does this in a relaxed and inclusive environment that doesn’t judge us on our level of “Jewishness”. The staff is energetic and committed, and the attending families all want to be there. Being at Bloor and Spadina doesn’t hurt either!”

- Stephen


“During her seven years at DJCS my daughter has developed a strong Jewish identity, an extensive knowledge of Jewish history and a love for Israel.  We are an inter-racial family and DJCS provides a pluralistic and supportive learning environment that fosters a sense of inclusion for all its students. The teachers challenge the kids and keep the parents involved in learning. I know that the years my child spends in the Jewish studies and Hebrew programs are helping to create a solid ethical foundation for her as a member of the Jewish community.”

- Paula


“We are an inter-married family with three teenage children living downtown.  As a direct result of the experience, friendships and education gained at DJCS, our children formally converted to Judaism and developed strong identity and pride in being Jewish.  Learning about the Jewish experience over the millennia, the special relationship with and relevance of Israel, and understanding the meaning of the Holocaust, all have a place in their collective consciousness now that would not be there were it not for DJCS. I can say with certainty that had it not been for the years at DJCS our children would not ‘feel’ Jewish and, in fact, would have been lost to the Jewish community, assimilated like so many other non-affiliated Jews. Joan, I will never forget the first time I came into your office and how you helped our family. Thank you for everything.”

- Ted


“DJCS has been a wonderful experience for our entire family.  The school has developed a keen sense of what it means to be Jewish in our son, and kindled an interest in Jewish history and customs that will carry on after graduation.  He is proud of how well he can read Hebrew and keep up with the davening in shul and so are we.  My son’s Jewish education has also helped me stay in shape, as I am able to work out in the terrific new JCC facilities while my son is in class.”

- Paul

What our graduates have to say

“DJCS taught me to take a pluralistic, open minded, enthusiastic approach to Jewish life and tradition.”

- Rabbi Rachel, now a Rabbi in the Boston area


“A good-sized group of kids went to DJCS from Palmerston School every Wednesday.  We must have looked as if we were going to have fun because I remember one non-Jewish friend saying to his mom “I want to go to the Jewish school too!” My time at DJCS definitely enhanced my Jewish identity.”

- Eli


“I have many fond memories of my time at DJCS.  I learned to read Hebrew, which helped me out a lot when I took interest in Torah study.  I really enjoyed singing in the Zimriyah. In my years at DJCS, I made many friends — some which lasted until today, many years later. I think I really benefited from my time there.  Getting to be with Jewish friends, having fun, learning Jewish things, helped keep my sense of Jewish identity alive and well, which I very much appreciate.”

- Motti


“In my bat mitzvah year, I completed an independent research project on the role(s) of women in Judaism.  Little did I know that this project would be the beginning of a strong interest in issues of women and Judaism, from an academic and a personal perspective. DJCS was really my first connection to Jewish community and culture outside of my small family sphere. It led to high school studies in Israel, membership in a Near Eastern Studies house in College, becoming a fellow at the National Yiddish Book Center in MA, an organizer in the Boston Jewish community, and a Board Member of a local progressive Jewish organization. Today, Jewish community and family is an important part of my life, and I continue to seek out more knowledge of Jewish history, rituals and customs.”

- Rebecca


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