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Enrichment Excellence

Enrichment options are specialized activities that run by a teaching specialist. They are taught for a nine session period beginning December and ending in February.  We cater to the interests and needs of students and are specifically offering options that will attract interest and help maintain student engagement in our Jewish school. Spaces will be limited for each option.

Dance through Israel | Grades 4-7

Each week we will travel through a different city in Israel and not only will we move to a rhythm that city reflects, we will also get a chance to sample food of which that city is known for. We might start in Tel Aviv where we will dance to the funky song of Likfotz ( to jump) and end the class drinking shoco (chocolate milk);  next we will move on to Jerusalem where I will teach Candlelight by the Maccabeats and end the class eating zetim (olives) and bagele (pretzels); let’s then travel to the Negev to the tune of Abanabee (pig Latin for “I love you” and eat some yummy yogurt from the famous kibbutz Yotvata; in sunny Eilat, we will dance to Leolam Bikvot HaShemesh ( forever following the sun) and enjoy some glida (ice cream). These are just a few of many exciting classes to come!

Puppet Power for Purim | Grades 4-7

Have you ever controlled a puppet AS BIG AS YOU? Find out what the Book of Esther has to tell us TODAY? Want to have fun and do a great Purim presentation for our school? Rabbi Garry Loeb invites YOU to join him for PUPPET POWER for PURIM!


Pottery: “A Shabbat Experience” | Grades 4-7 

Creative expression through the arts has been a successful model for teaching children about Jewish culture and heritage.  This program is a Shabbat curriculum that explores the symbols associated with Shabbat including challah plate, Kiddush cup, salt bowl, and havdalah set.  The goal of the enrichment program is to teach students about Shabbat and have them take home symbols that they can use in their homes.  The idea is to bridge the Jewish Education component form school into the home.  Students will also be able to experience a DJCS Shabbat program and Havdallah program where their symbols will be used taking the program to an experiential level.


Drama: Drama Games, Improv and Jewish Holidays | Grades 4-7

In this active and collaborative option, students participate in numerous drama games and improvizations that focus on Jewish holidays.  Starting with warm ups and pre performance games to pantomine and scene building, we’ll examine family stories that occur during holiday settings such as the Shabbat dinner, Pasach  sedar and Channukah celebrations.  This option is meant for all skill levels.

Jewish Lens Photography | Grades 6-7

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what are these “words”? Photography, like Judaism, isn’t always black & white. Each image the viewer sees encompasses a variety of colors, textures and patterns. All these features combined create the image that we then perceive as good or bad, pretty or ugly, vibrant or dull, etc. Students of The Jewish Lens are going to have the unique opportunity to backtrack through an image and discover the multiple meanings and emotions behind it that combined together create the final product. They will learn the common characteristics of a “good” photograph (lighting, distance, angle, depth, etc.), how values and emotions are communicated through still imagery and finally the connection between image and text. They will then be able to apply all their knowledge and understanding to how Judaism, Israel and their communities play a role in their everyday lives and convey those roles through photography. Through weekly assignments their own personal values, stories and experiences, which play an integral role in their journey as young photographers, will be documented for all to see. 

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