We are open for business.

DJCS is currently fully operational. Our entire staff including the principal, all teachers, accounting, and marketing are all working remotely. The principal is regularly receiving mail.


Enrollment this year is different. Families are at home working and with their children and there is not a lot of free time. We are all getting worn out from simply being so confined. We get it! Here is what you should know regarding enrollment. Families and Staff have already made the commitment to DJCS and we are proceeding under suggest guidelines by Toronto Pubic Health and the Ministry of Education safety plans for virtual learning. We will continue to follow these safety protocols and are prepared to continue the year remotely.


Currently, in planning for the year, we know DJCS will continue to provide Jewish Education learning and engagement socially as a community. We are prepared for virtual learning and have postponed onsite learning; for more information click here. We will be flexible and safe. There are going to be moments of increased safety requirements for at least another year. However, life goes on and DJCS plans on.

We are making special accommodations due to COVID-19 including ways to enroll. If you can't mail in your payment, we are accepting forms to be emailed to the principal at and alternative payment is available. For more information, click here.


Children need to feel secure and have a sense of predictability. Together, we will plan for next year and move forward according to safety guidelines.


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COVID-19 cases in schools and child care centres

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