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Our philosophy is fundamentally inclusive and accepting of the many ways of being Jewish.

Child at school

We are making special accommodations due to COVID-19 including ways to enroll. 

We’re an independent supplementary school in the heart of downtown Toronto providing a high quality Jewish and Hebrew education for over 40 years. 


We offer full virtual learning for all grades.

We respect diversity due to our deeply held conviction that there are many ways to be a Jew.

The Downtown Jewish Community School is inclusive and pluralistic in both philosophy and composition.  We serve a diverse community of Jewish families and our school is enriched by children and families representing a wide range of Jewish belief and practice. 

Kids at School

What our students have to say


"I love Hebrew and Jewish Studies. I think my teacher this year is an awesome teacher and she is my favourite so far! I like being in this classroom a lot even though it's on zoom."


"I loved this first term with my teacher, I look forward to doing more with homeless and helping organizations next term!"


"The enrichment options are so cool. I got to learn a little bit more about photography and I learned some helpful tips to use when I take photos in the future. I loved doing all the little projects."

Contact Us

Downtown Jewish Community School

Miles Nadal JCC

750 Spadina Avenue

Toronto | Ontario | M5S 2J2


Belinda Keshen, Principal

416.924.6211 x 112


School Office:

416.924.6211 x 150

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